Using Spans

Spans is a group of templates and tutorials for one, two, and three span beam/columns withpoint, uniform, and variable continuous loads. Outputs are moments in kip-ft, deflections in inches, and shear in kips at positions along the spans and cantilevers that you position. You can set individual modulus of elasticities and moments of inertia for each span and cantilever.

Spans has been around for about 18 years and has been edited to run in Microsoft's Excel.

You can combine Spans with other templates to automate your designs or add drawings,pictures, and calculations to Spans to create a finished design page.

Seven tutorial files are included. These files used to be in a printed manual but today, with the power of the personal computer and storage capabilities, this is no longer necessary.

Even experienced user make input/output errors. You can e-mail the problem template andget an answer within 24 hours if not minutes.

Using Retaining Wall

Retaining wall calculates soil loadings and reinforcing for concrete retaining walls. This template is organized in ICE's typical vertical format with documentation and a clear audit trail. If you disagree with some of the methodologies in the template, you can change the calculations to suit your design style.

You can design a wall with various backfill configurations in five to ten minutes by iterating walland footing dimensions. This template does not replace the professional engineer however. It is meant to be a learning tool for students and professionals and as a design tool for professionals who can exercise sound judgement.

The Engineering with the Spreadsheet book

Very few technical textbooks connect the dots. This book comes with a CD-ROM and, so, the dots have to be connected. No effort has been made to save paper in the book itself -- your time is worth more than the savings in omitting steps and mixing up topics.

This book and disc addresses topics of interest to any engineer, technician, or student but also includes a fairly comprehensive set of concrete design templates including biaxaly loaded columns and doubly reinforced beams with calculation sets that have been built.

Some of the chapters in the Table of Contents are:

  • Tips
  • Work Sheet 70
  • Editing in Excel
  • Math Editing
  • Symbols
  • Drawing In Excel
  • Pictures
  • Graphing
  • Absolute and Relative References
  • Circular Reference
  • Logic
  • Database
  • Regression Analysis
  • Embedded Pole
  • Numerical Intergration
  • Matrix Math
  • Exhaust Stack Cover Page and Table of Contents
  • Seismic
  • Wind
  • Vortex Shedding in Tall Stacks
  • Bolt Threads
  • Bolt Patterns
  • Bolt Group Pullout
  • Roark Flat Plate
  • Foundation Loading
  • Foundation Design
  • Concrete Beam
  • Concrete Shear
  • Elevated Storage Tank Cover Page and Table of Contnets
  • Celenty
  • LRFD Worksheet
  • Pile Foundation
  • Two Way Slab Loading
  • Concete Biaxial Column
  • Column Deck Interface
  • Concrete Shear
  • Column Slab Moment
  • Shear Transfer
  • Bolt Group Pullout
  • Reinforcing Embed
  • Concrete Beam
  • LRFD
  • Units Conversion
  • Acceleration.xls
  • Quadratic and Cubic Equations